People take so many photos  – photos on their phones, posted on the internet.

I have a couple of photos of my grandma as a girl, as a young woman. Not dozens or hundreds. Just two.

There are a few more of my mother and father as kids. And more of my sisters and me, but nothing like the number of photos that I have of my children – and I am not even camera-crazy.

When I look at old family  photos, I can remember the times and places, the stories that go with the photos, often told to me by older family members. There are some wild ones!

I wonder, if  constantly posting, constantly phone-photo-taking folk will remember the who-what-and-where of all their photos years from now.

I wonder if those digital photos will even survive.

One thought on “Photographic Memory

  1. I have had all of those same thoughts. My three eldest children were born when film and prints were still what we used. I love going through those snapshots! But I don’t have any for my youngest two, born in 2010 and 2012. For every advance we always leave something behind.


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