When I arrived at my daughter’s residence yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the news that she could go out.

We took a ten minute drive to a small town nearby; a town that sits on the bank of a river. My sister and I had visited the town before, on one of those occasions that we were talking, not paying attention, and got lost!

The town is very old, but tidy.  Victorian (and older) architecture in the “downtown,” abandoned train tracks on a rickety bridge across the river, and most importantly, a little park with an ice cream stand.

My sister, daughter and I ate our lunches in the little picnic shelter, (we had decided on Subway) and chatted. We moved down to the bank of the river…my sister and daughter got very close to explore, I watched from the safety of a park bench. The climb down to the edge of the water was quite steep.

The park was surprisingly empty, with just a couple fishermen standing in the river downstream. The birds, the water, the sky and 70 degree breeze, were all lovely.  As lovely as my daughter.

We enjoyed ice cream cones (you knew we would) before our drive back to my daughter’s residential facility.

It was a wonderful day – everything I  hoped for and more.

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