I never thought I would attend a high school reunion. High school was not the finest time of my life.  I had a small group of good friends – that was the good part of high school – the very best and only good part. Those friends are the reason I went to my 40th reunion a few years ago.  I  renewed some old acquaintances and made a  new friend there at the 40th, too. I connected to some of them on social media.

The most recent high school reunion I attended was very nice. I caught up with a few classmates I had not seen in years. I spent some quality time with old friends, dear friends, too.

For the record:  If I had to go alone to these events, without an accompanying friend, I  wouldn’t go.

I don’t function well in social/small talk required situations. I imagine at my age, that is not going to change.  But I have noticed that there are a lot of people like me there –   standing or sitting with no one to talk to – and it makes me very, very grateful for those friends that take me along.



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