I recently lost the subsidy for my landline.  Apparently, after 45 years, AT&T doesn’t want my phone-only business anymore.  At twenty dollars a month,  I would keep my landline. At forty-six dollars a month, no way.   The home phone is the number I give everyone…it is a convenience worth twenty dollars a month. Only twenty.

I saw a device that allows you to plug your home phone into a cellular device – at twenty dollars a month, for unlimited calls…so I am giving it a try.  Technology is amazing!  Who thinks these things up?

I did not even have to ask a teen or young adult to help me set up my new cell/home phone!   My answering machine works with the new set up and I have gained caller ID. So far so good.

I resisted the urge to plug my corded princess phone into the cellular device. I went with the modern-looking cordless model that has four conveniently located extensions.

Too bad my candlestick phone was recycled into a lamp recently….now that would have been cool….a Mayberry-style cellular phone!

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