I have no desire to travel.

I remember my grandma giving me a suitcase for graduation. She told me to travel while I was young, because I wouldn’t want to travel later.  I did not believe her then. I do now.

I haven’t flown since right after 9/11. (I used that same suitcase!)  Not because of a fear of flying, but because I do not enjoy it. Too many people, too little space.  Too much hurry up and wait.  Too much money.  That sounds rather curmudgeonly, doesn’t it?

I like the ocean. I would like to drive to the east coast again. The Outer Banks.  Off season, less people, more space.  Just enjoyment of the sight and sound of the waves.  Good books.  Great seafood.  Maybe a hot tub.  No sight seeing…

This is  truly the only travel desire I have.


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