My home phone is listed in the phone book and has been the same for 30 years.  People who know me and need to talk to me are always welcome to call me . That is why I have a home phone.  (If work calls, or worse, texts my  cell phone, I often ignore it  – work has my home phone number for emergencies.)

I use my cell phone for personal business: Calling AAA for a tow, news from my parents, kids, sisters or friends….and I don’t give the number out to everyone.  I keep my cell phone nearby on the weekends, in case my daughter calls.  It is my daughter’s calls I wait for. (I think the correct grammar is “for which I wait” – but that sounded rather gothic when I read it.)

I message my son from my computer often. I see him in person at church. If I need him, I can call him; or if he needs me, he can call anytime.

But my daughter can only call on the weekends – that’s why I wait for her calls. Sometimes she forgets – she is happily busy with some activity.  Sometimes she is mad and doesn’t want to call  –  that is ok, too.  But I always hope she calls. I wait for her calls.

While I am waiting, I write her letters, every week. I want her to feel connected to home, to me, whether she calls or not.



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