The opposite of ‘irony’ is ‘wrinkly.’

A friend of mine is coming to town for a reunion. We always seem to be able to pick up our friendship where we left off. We will talk about serious things, certainly; we always do. But she also gets my jokes and puns without explanation ….and is quite the pun-master herself.

She is a very easy house guest to accommodate – like family, only not as picky.

Last time she came, I bought an ironing board and iron, in case she needed to touch up her clothing.  I was surprised (and pleased) to discover, that just like me, she avoids ironing.  We both  buy clothes that come out of the dryer ready to wear.  If necessary, a repeat trip to the dryer, or use of a steamer are acceptable alternatives to ironing.

I am looking forward to her visit, meals at local restaurants, catching up with her, and our mutual friends…

And the puns.  I need to prepare some new pun material!




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