I have a variety of hand painted, colored or drawn pictures on my walls. Some were done by my friends or my children.  Looking at them makes me smile.

Others were found at thrift stores, painted by unknown, and apparently under appreciated artists.  I rescue those – just like I rescue needlework and doilies. I appreciate the time it takes to produce these items and I think they should be on display where someone appreciates them – and I do appreciate them.

There is one drawing that has a special place in my house…my mom’s uncle drew it. It is a drawing of me, taken from a baby photo, with the words underneath, “her royal highness.”

I don’t remember much about this uncle – I remember a couple of visits when I was a young child, his fabulous car (a green Austin Healey convertible) and the stories my grandma told about him.    But I do appreciate his drawing…he is the reason I rescue others’ artwork.   It’s my own form of art appreciation.



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