I have never understood the appeal of golf as a spectator sport.  It is about as exciting as, well, watching Barney the big purple dinosaur.

There were a lot of very fine children’s shows when my kids were little, and I watched them all. But Barney – no, thank you.

That is exactly how I feel about golf.

Golf seems like a dull fantasy, with it’s broadcasts from Hawaii or the warm south, during the worst of winter.  It’s like Barney’s imaginary world, where everyone is nice and sings on key.

The golf announcers speak in hushed tones…. this does NOT increase the excitement for viewers.  I imagine them speaking in Barney’s goofy voice recounting how nice it is to share your toys…and how wonderful  and exciting nap-time can be.

Maybe if I golfed myself I would enjoy it more. Appreciate it more.

Maybe if they dressed up dinosaur suits…or sang…or danced.



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