In July, family weekend is a little different. It is more of a picnic, with competitive games, picnic food and family projects.

Last year my daughter and I won a race .(I know you are laughing at the the thought of me ‘running’) It was a race to empty a bucket of marbles, submerged in REALLY COLD water, with your toes.  I was not too good at it, but my daughter! She could pick up 3-4 marbles at a time!

She was so excited that we won. The prize was a card game. We spent our free time playing cards and laughing at the silly games that all of us had played that morning.

Most family weekends involve incredibly hard work by my daughter and me…work with the staff and with the counselor.  Having this family weekend just for fun is a wonderful break.

Will she get to stay with me at the hotel? I don’t know. I never know until the last minute.  I am always hopeful.

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