Having a day off  – vacation or holiday – disrupts the flow of daily life in my head.

Having celebrated Independence Day on Thursday, I woke up thinking that Friday was Sunday.  Thursday seemed like Saturday…so there was disappointment.  No tantrum, no whining, just disappointment.

Now, it really is Saturday and  I have no trouble adjusting to the down time – it’s the gearing up for work,  or the mistaken idea that I don’t have to work the next day,  that throws me off my game.  Just a little.

Having a day off – vacation day or holiday – does so much more than disrupt the flow of my daughter’s daily life. My daughter never knows what day it is. A calendar doesn’t help her keep track.

I can only imagine the ongoing  frustration of wondering what day is next, what happens next.  When she was home, we kept to a rigid schedule.  ‘Spontaneous’ was never a good word.   My daughter + spontaneous  = spontaneous combustion.

This is why her residence/school is so strictly regimented. The same routine day after day eliminates some of that stress. They do have planned fun activities, special celebrations, but , out of necessity, they generally fall within the rigid schedule of the day.




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