There is a reason my blog posts don’t refer to people by name.  Whether it is my daughter, son, extended family or friends (even enemies, lol) – they all have a right to privacy.

The blog represents my perspective – regarding events, circumstances and people. My perspective. I would feel obligated to share their perspectives, too, if I used names.

Looking back at the word ‘enemies’ makes me chuckle. There are people I don’t trust, people that are not my friends – the word ‘enemies’ is a little harsh…I do not have wicked people out there actively seeking my demise. I find it much more enjoyable to write about loved family and friends, than those in that other category.  I am the sort of person who will tell you to your face if I have a problem with you.

Sometimes, my readers recognize themselves  or a mutual friend in a post. That’s okay – I’m glad they know I was thinking about them.



2 thoughts on “Nameless

  1. My kids names are in my columns and I have had at least one reader wonder if it was okay with them. I am careful about what I reveal, considering how it may impact them later on in life, so if it seems a bit personal, I have them read it first.

    The way you write, I really don’t notice that you don’t tell us your children’s names. You’ve created solid characters in your little vignettes and I see them in my mind’s eye (I’m sure they look nothing like what I imagine, lol).

    I’ve only seen me in your big thanks to all who encourage you to write. I’ll say it again, keep it up, you have a skill for this. And now that you’ve been doing it for several months, it has NOT gotten stale. You’re a writer!


    1. I always let my son know if I write something about him. There are some very personal issues concerning my children that are never going to make an appearance in my blog. .

      Thank you for the encouragement. It has been a wonderful experience for me.


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